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Anncenter March 2024 Progress Update

Progress Update – March 2024

Greetings, Anncenter community! We are thrilled to share our progress update for the second week of March 2024. Here’s a recap of our achievements and plans for the upcoming weeks:


  • Team meeting conducted
  • Centa token minting completed
  • Website development progress: backend development in progress
  • Initiated development of AI generator page
  • Initiated coding for shop page for website
  • Trading social media accounts opened (Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Telegram)
  • Discord panel opening soon

March 2024 Plans

1. Community building efforts on social media:

We are ramping up our efforts to build a strong community presence on social media platforms. Through consistent content sharing on Twitter, Instagram, Medium, and Telegram, we aim to expand our community outreach.

2. Creating a Centa bot on Telegram:

We are strategizing the development of a Telegram bot dedicated to Centa-related interactions and information exchange. This bot will serve as a valuable resource for users to inquire about our project and stay updated.

3. Completion of the website:

By the end of March, we intend to finalize the design and development of our website. Our goal is to create an informative and user-friendly platform that provides a seamless browsing experience.

4. Membership and promotion on token listing sites:

To increase project visibility, we will establish memberships on token listing sites for promotional purposes. This initiative will enhance our project’s exposure and attract more community members.

5. Pre-sale preparation:

We will commence preparations for the pre-sale phase, focusing on transparent communication with our community. Our aim is to plan and execute a successful pre-sale launch with the support of our community.

6. Creating promotional videos and launching a YouTube channel:

We are gearing up to produce engaging promotional videos and launch our official YouTube channel. These videos will serve as comprehensive guides to our project and its objectives.

7. Airdrop preparation:

In an effort to reward our community and broaden our project’s reach, we will initiate preparations for an airdrop program. Through this initiative, we aim to incentivize community engagement and introduce our project to a wider audience.

With these initiatives lined up for March 2024, we are poised to make significant progress at Anncenter. Your continued support is invaluable, and we are grateful for your ongoing commitment to our project.

Warm regards,

Anncenter team

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