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The Kiss


This image captures a narrative where the celebration of victory intertwines with a more personal triumph—the daring to love openly. It’s a piece of history that feels both out of place and entirely fitting, a scene that could’ve been, might’ve been, in the hearts and hopes of many. As the city leaps into a new age, these women leap into a declaration, bold and tender. It is an emblem of what could have been if the times had been kinder, a whispered promise to future generations: someday, love will no longer need to masquerade.

This piece was created through countless iterations in Midjourney version 5.2 to match the original version as closely as possible. Then, details were finetuned in Photoshop using generative fill, and the composition was upscaled with Magnific to define additional details.

Created for the Strange History one-year anniversary in 2024.

3156 x 4734

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