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Social media Management

Rita Dobranic

Rita Dobranic – Social Media and Online Support Specialist

Social Media Management: Managing’s social media presence, creating and publishing content, and increasing engagement.

Online Chat and Support: Providing quick and effective support to website visitors via live chat, addressing inquiries, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Location:Currently residing in Zagreb, Croatia, Rita frequently travels to Bratislava and Prague for business engagements.

Skills and Qualifications:

Strong Communication Skills: Effective in both written and verbal communication, understanding customer needs, and providing solutions.

Social Media Management: Proficient in utilizing social media platforms, content creation, and publishing.

Online Support: Ability to provide rapid and efficient customer support using live chat tools.

Problem-solving: Capability to resolve challenging situations quickly and effectively, with a focus on maintaining customer satisfaction.

Teamwork: Collaborating with other departments to ensure coordination and achieve company goals.

Rita Dobranic, a graduate of the University of Zagreb, brings her expertise in social media management and online support to Currently based in Zagreb, Croatia, she frequently travels to Bratislava and Prague for business purposes. She is dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and strengthening the company’s online presence.


Rita has worked in customer representation and customer relations in corporate companies for many years. She has an exciting and friendly nature.

Rita will handle communication through Social Media accounts in the ANNCenter Project.

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