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About Us - ANN Project Goals is an innovative platform aiming to generate unique and extraordinary visual content using artificial intelligence (AI) and facilitate their sale on our website. In addition to visual content, we offer services such as creating useful text robots using text commands and leveraging AI technology for commercial purposes.

“ANN” stands for “Artificial Neural Network,” reflecting our focus on artificial intelligence technology. provides seamless commands with flawless precision, and we share easy-to-use commands with our users through informative guidelines. We aim to bring artists worldwide together on a central platform to establish an AI Center. Our most significant feature is that users can sell their created content or purchase extraordinary pieces. As a decentralized and reliable trading option, users can utilize the CentA token for transactions. Leveraging blockchain infrastructure, we have developed our own currency called CentA Token.

The CentA Token operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. BSC offers advantages over other blockchains, including fast transaction approvals, low transaction fees, and high transaction throughput. The BSC network provides an ideal environment for our project, enabling us to enhance the user experience.

Furthermore, we have long-term plans to utilize the content created on our platform as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs allow for the unique representation of digital assets and provide assurance of ownership and authenticity through blockchain technology. aims to preserve the uniqueness and value of artists’ work by offering their creations as NFTs, facilitating trading among users. This initiative aligns with our goal of utilizing blockchain technology and providing more opportunities to our users.

AnnCenter comprises a team of six individuals, with three working full-time and three part-time. Our team resides in Slovakia, Croatia, and Czechia, with headquarters in Bratislava and Prague. Under the leadership of CEO Tomas Rada, we are in the development phase of our project, with many services already available on our website. Additionally, we aim to provide information about the importance of cryptocurrency assets and their future advantages.

Be sure to read the White Paper introducing our project in detail.