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Corporate Communications and Marketing

Aleksandra Kohl

Aleksandra Kohl brings extensive experience and expertise in corporate communications, sponsorships, and advertising agreements. Throughout her career, she has established herself as a versatile and effective leader in the field.
As an expert in corporate communications, Aleksandra is adept at developing and implementing successful strategies to enhance brand visibility and reputation. Her ability to craft compelling narratives and engage with various stakeholders enables companies to effectively convey their messages and values.

In the realm of sponsorships, Aleksandra has forged valuable partnerships with key stakeholders to support various initiatives and projects. Her strategic approach to sponsorships, leveraging mutually beneficial arrangements, enhances brand visibility and strengthens market presence.

In addition to sponsorship expertise, Aleksandra is skilled in negotiating and managing advertising agreements. By understanding market trends and consumer behavior, she creates impactful advertising campaigns that resonate with the target audience and deliver results.

Furthermore, Aleksandra is highly proficient in managing media relations and crafting compelling press releases to secure positive media coverage for clients. Her strong relationships with journalists and media outlets enable her to secure valuable media coverage and increase brand visibility across various channels.

Overall, Aleksandra Kohl is a dedicated professional committed to helping companies achieve their communication and marketing objectives. Her strategic mindset, creativity, and attention to detail make her a valuable asset for any organization looking to strengthen its brand presence and reputation in the market.


Aleksandra Kohl serves as the Director of Corporate Communication and Marketing at ANN Center. With a wealth of experience in her field, Aleksandra manages our communication strategies and coordinates marketing activities. As a seasoned professional in customer relations, she effectively represents ANN Center's vision and mission. Aleksandra fosters collaboration within the team and offers creative solutions to contribute to our company's growth.

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